It’s a Sophisticated Mobile App Install Fraud Technique Definition SDK Spoofing is a high-end masquerading technique where, the attribution SDKs think, they are getting install events from a legit device. Flow A series or sequence of test installs are generated. URLs and Parameters are analysed Static, Dynamic parameters are analysed After
Click-Farms are a Homegrown Scam
Let us travel back in the time a few years from now, where Flappy Bird was all the rage, A competitive time for the app developers, not as competitive as now of course, as the design thinking has taken a major shift whatsoever. So you too wanted to make it
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Definition ​Affiliate Fraud is a cybercrime committed by spurious traffic generating entities, such as a publisher website / app or man-in-the-middle entities who hijack regular traffic and make it look like affiliate traffic. The most commonly affected are ecommerce portals and genuine affiliates. Types There are various types of Affiliate Frauds as
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Botman is Super-Saas Suite for Ad Fraud Detection, Viewability & Brand Safety. We have a trap based approach to prevent Ad Fraud. Things we catch: Dummy User Device Dummy True User Device Infected Proxy User No Intent Proxy User Malicious Intent

November 10, 2018

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