Ad fraud is a more serious problem than previously thought to be; a recent study found that online advertisers could waste as much as $16.4 billion to fraudulent traffic in 2017. Bad actors are using bots to generate web hits, fooling algorithms into thinking an actual human is paying attention to a brand's message. And ads are appearing on sites that advertisers may not be interested in, instead of near content advertisers wish to focus on.
Every Advertiser who uses PPC networks such as AdWords understands that everyone is charged per click. This means that no matter if the user converts or not, the advertiser still has to pay.

 Advantages of Integrating BotMan:

  • Identify all types of Digital Ad Fraud: Fake, Fraudulent Clicks, Impressions & Leads.
  • Quality Control: Keep a Tab on the quality of traffic Advertising Agencies, Publisher or your Affiliates send you.
  • Improve your Website’s Ratings & Reputations.
  • High-Quality Traffic & 30% increase in ROI within 90 days.
  • Better Optimization: Get the best out of your Marketing Initiative

Recommended Modes of Integration:


  • Enable capture of traffic data in real-time.
  • Bot Detection Tag for enabling scan, identification, and marking of incoming traffic.


  • Real-time Scan, Identify, Mark and Firewall Suspect Traffic and Leads.
  • BotFirewall helps in setting up a filter right in the path of traffic before it's delivered to the brand. It reduces the stress on the brand website, identifies troublemakers and increases the effectiveness of the marketing spend.