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The lack of performance (whether it’s impressions, clicks or another business outcome) is the most concrete warning sign of ad fraud. Which brings us to another warning sign: Abnormal Bounce Rates, Session Durations, and Abnormal Metrics.

High-Quality Traffic is a no-show even after spending thousands of dollars & optimizing Ad Campaigns. Instead, Channels get you around 25% or more non-converting fraudulent traffic.

 Advantages of Integrating BotMan:

  • Identify all sort of Fake and Fraudulent Impressions, Clicks, Leads, Spam Sources and Non-Human Suspicious Activities.
  • Build Trust and offer more Reliability to your Customers.
  • High-Quality Traffic & Better Pricing.
  • Quality Control: Keep a Tab on the quality of traffic you receive from different Channels or any other Source.
  • Get best results from your Traffic and Lead Campaigns.

Recommended Modes of Integration:


  • Enable capture of traffic data in real-time.
  • Bot Detection Tag for enabling scan, identification, and marking of incoming traffic.


  • Real-time Scan, Identify and Mark reasons for Suspect Traffic.
  • A Developer tool for traffic sanitization, BotAPI is a REST API which can be used in a Request/Response model to scan incoming traffic and unmask the validity of the same.