What Is Ad Fraud?

Ad fraud (also referred to as Invalid Traffic) is concerned with theory and practice of fraudulently representing online advertisement impressions, clicks, conversion or data events in order to generate revenue.

Why should I use BotMan?

BotMan detects Invalid Ad Traffic, Leads and classifies them. It helps Mitigate Risk, Clean Traffic Sources & Suppliers, Improve Quality of Ad Traffic & Leads, and thereby returning Robust KPI's Improving Revenues.

How fast will the Traffic & Lead Analysis happen?

The Analysis almost starts immediately but to show some significant data on the dashboard system requires few thousand clicks. Dashboard access is given immediately.

How do you charge, what are the pricing plans?

Pricing varies based on the volume of traffic analyzed. You can get in touch with us for a customized package.

How do I start?

Once you subscribe to any of our protection plans you will receive an email with all the information you need. You will be up and running instantly.

Does the HTML code slow down my website?

Definitely not, the HTML code is light & very fast and it executes a-synchronically. That means that the browser does not wait for this code to finish executing before loading your website. Hence, it has no impact on your page's load time.

What's BotAPI?

A Developer tool for traffic sanitization, BotAPI is a REST API which can be used in a Request/Response model to scan incoming traffic and unmask the validity of the same. Highly recommended for Ad-Networks to add suspect scores in their dashboard.

What's BotFirewall?

BotFirewall helps in setting up a filter right in the path of traffic before it's delivered to the brand. It reduces the stress on the brand website, identifies troublemakers and increases the effectiveness of the marketing spend. Highly recommended for Ad-Networks, Tracking Platforms, and Affiliate Networks.

What's Offline BotScore?

Get Suspect scores for your traffic and leads in an offline mode. Submit your campaign data at your own pace to get suspect reasons and suspect scores.

How does it benefit an Advertiser?

With the colossal growth of competition for user attention and acquisition, it's very important to run advertising campaigns that drive only high-quality Traffic & Qualified Leads. Unfortunately, not all Advertising Agencies are 100% transparent and reliable. Eliminate fake, fraudulent clicks from your website and improve your website ratings and reputation.

Do you allow third-party Integration?

Currently, BotMan can be integrated with ZOHO CRM, InfusionSoft CRM, Unbounce Landing Page Builder

Am I a victim of Ad Fraud?

In 2018, almost every Marketer is a victim of some form of Ad Fraud, be it large or small. Ad Fraud is growing at an alarming rate, according to latest statistics up to 22% - 25% of the total advertising budget for each online advertiser is spent on fraudulent clicks. If you are advertising on major search engines or procuring traffic from any source, you are most probably a victim of Ad Fraud. Ad fraud is particularly important for marketers to understand. If you don’t detect and avoid fraud, it will poison all other areas of optimization: context (brand safety), viewability and performance.

How do you detect fraudulent ad clicks?

We use a highly developed monitoring system that will check the source against various patterns & identify the fraudulent ad clicks.

What information will I get in data-sets?

All the suspicious IP Addresses, their Source and reason of suspicion.

Are there any additional fees? any commitment?

There are no additional fees of any kind and no strings attached.

What are the different ways to integrate BotMan?

We provide various modes of Integration: BotTag, BotAPI, BotFirewall, BotDashboard, BotTunnel, Filter sites

What's BotDashboard?

It's a White Labeled Dashboard with Traffic and Lead Markings. Copy and paste the BotCode before the end of tag in the footer of the web pages to be tracked. The traffic starts getting recorded, analyzed and updated with suspect traffic and reasons in less than an hour.

What's BotTag?

It's one of the most basic ways of Integration, wherein you would be given a Bot Detection Tag (HTML Code) for enabling scan, identification and marking of incoming traffic.

What's BotTunnel?

Use BotTunnel if you have third-party lead CRMs. Botman connects with your CRM and passes the lead information with suspect scores in real-time. In this, the lead data is passed via the BotTunnel after the lead is captured, and scores solicited. NO LEAD DATA is stored with Botman. Highly recommended for Lead Generation Campaigns where lead data is to be kept secure, but yet analyzed.

How does it benefit a Publisher?

A publisher's top priority is providing good ad placements & driving relevant traffic to advertisers site. With correct metrics and optimization, you can eradicate false impressions and increase yield. Prove your media's value and maximize ad revenue.

How does it benefit an Agency?

As an Agency, you expect your Paid Media Campaigns to send relevant Traffic / Leads to a Client's landing page, but instead, they get flooded with fraudulent traffic even after proper targetting. With BotMan you can identify Bot, Spam & Non-Human Traffic / Leads, thereby helping you optimize & get the best out of a Campaign.

Legal FAQ

We support various ways to integrate, In all modes, NO DATA IS STORED OR MANIPULATED with BotMan.