A Network’s top priority is driving relevant traffic to advertisers site through Affiliates/Publishers, but have very less or no control over the quality of traffic they bring. Affiliate Fraud is very common in today’s market wherein a Publisher/Affiliates send fraudulent traffic & fake impressions which give very abnormal CTRs, Bounce Rate and ASD (Average Session Duration) on Advertiser’s site.

 Advantages of Integrating BotMan:

  • Identify all sort of Fake and Fraudulent Impressions, Clicks, Leads, Spam Sources and Non-Human Suspicious Activities.
  • Quality Control: Keep a Tab on the quality of traffic you receive from Publisher and Affiliates.
  • Suspect score & reason of Suspicion for each Affiliate ID and Publisher ID.
  • Offer more Trust and Reliability to Advertisers.
  • Get the best out of your Publisher/Affiliate Network.

Recommended Modes of Integration:


  • Enable capture of traffic data in real-time.
  • Bot Detection Tag for enabling scan, identification, and marking of incoming traffic.


  • Real-time Scan, Identify, Mark and Firewall Suspect Traffic and Leads.
  • BotFirewall helps in setting up a filter right in the path of traffic before it's delivered to the brand. It reduces the stress on the brand website, identifies troublemakers and increases the effectiveness of the marketing spend.